Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to change lower power steering return tube / hose on a 2001 - 2007 Toyota highlander 2.4l 4 cylinder.

Tools needed
  • Jack
  • Lug nut remover
  • ratchet
  • 10mm socket
  • Pliers
  • 1 quart of dexron (atf) automatic transmission fluid
First take the lug nut remover and losen all 5 lug nuts
Next Find a solid part of the car and jack up the Highlander
Pull off the tire.

Remove the tow 10mm bolts holding the plastic gaurd on.
once bolts are removed pull it down out of the way.

Behind where the plastic cover was to the right you will see a  10mm bolt that needs removed.
you can use a small ratchet with a 10mm socket.

To the left right under the axle you will see the second 10mm bolt holding the tube on.
Remove the bolt.
take a pair of pliars squeeze the rubber hose clamp and slid it up the rubber hose.
Pull the rubber hose off the metel tube.
TIP: it may be easir to put the bolt back in then slide the hose off, have a pan to collect the power steering fluid when it comes out.

to get the other rubber hose off on the other end you must go under the front of car and remove the black plastic guard under the car.
Remove 6 bolts and pull it down out of the way

look up to the left of the oil filter you will see a rubber hose and a clamp
take a pair of pliars  squeeze the clamp and slid up the rubber hose
Pull rubber hose of the metel hose
TIP: may be easier to screw the bolt back in on the metel hose when trying to pull the rubber hose off

you can now remove the hose by pullig it out.

When putting the new hose just reverse the steps above to put it back on.

Once it is all back together you will need to fill the power steering resavor located under the hood on the passanger side.

This particualr vehical takse Dexron type ATF. It only takes about a half a quart.

First fill the resavor to the top
Second Start the car
Third pour more in the resavor untill you have it stay at the cold fill line
Get in and turn the steering wheel back and fourth
finally chack the level of fluid again make sure its at the full line.


Thank you for checking this out if you have any questions leave a comment

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  1. I have some significant leakage at the pump itself. apppears to be leaking around the pressure line where it enters the pump. have had the problem since I replace the engine. orginally thought it was just due to air in the line but I has not resolved. any info on replacing the pressure line?

  2. I got stuck in the snow. Ever since I have no power steering. But resivour is OK w/ fluid

  3. I got stuck in the snow. Ever since I have no power steering. But resivour is OK w/ fluid

  4. Thanks for the posting...just what I needed...was an easy replacement.

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