Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Replace Blower Fan on a 2001-2007 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van

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How to Replace Blower fan on a 2001- 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van 
Tools Needed
  • 8mm flat wrench
  • 8mm socket
  • ratchet
  • flat head screwdriver

Disconnect the Battery before working on car.
Go to the passenger side and open the glove box
Empty the Glove box

push in on the out sides of both sides of the glove box.
Pull Towards you

This is what you will see once glove box is down.
Remove the plug on the right side, which powers the fan

There are 5 bolts holding the fan cover on
4 you can get from the bottom
1 has to be removed by opening the glove box.

On the very bottom of the cover
Black arrow - unplug
White Arrow - pull out of wire clip

There is a rubber seal around the power wire going to the fan
you can push the seal in by using a flat head screw driver.

After removing the fan cover and pulling it out from under the dash
you will next need to remove the 3 bolts holding the fan in place.

The Fan then should pull right out.

Its now ready for the new fan replacement

Reverse the steps above to reinstall the fan

after you are finished installing it reconnect your battery and try it out.

I hope this guide helped you in your quest to fix your blower fan on your car.

Thank you and have a great project.



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  2. I was ready to spend about $300 to have my fan unit replaced, I followed your step by step instructions, and did it myself. Thanks for the help.

  3. Thanks for the instructions! How did you get the back lower inlet housing screw off? I can't reach it. Do we have to tear out carpet and padding?

  4. I have the same question "How did you get the back lower inlet housing screw off? I can't reach it. Do we have to tear out carpet and padding?"

    Thank you


  5. Either a stuby screw driver or jam the 8mm socket in there with a small ratchet and extension I remember jamming it in the carpet it was very tight fit but worked. Also possibly use a swival on it.