Monday, March 5, 2012

How to change fix and replace an old faded emblem on a BMW

Car of choice mine is a 91 735i

This is the old faded emblem i will be replacing

 Simply take a small flat head screw driver and slowly go a round
and slowly pry it off. It is only held in by two rubber cylinders.

 Once pulled off this is what you will see.

 Your new emblem will have to prongs on the back of it
simply slid them right in the two holes on the car.
make sure the emblem is up right and not upside down.

Finally you will end up with a shinny like new emblem on your car.

I picked my emblem up off of
it only cost 5 bucks for two of them

these where not like the original though.
the ones i got where made of plastic
where as the stock ones where made of aluminum

Your preference i guess.


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