Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to change a rear axle / wheel seal and bearings on a Ford Mustang

How to replace the rear wheel seal on  Ford Mustang 

Tools needed 
- Ratchet
- lug nut remover
-15mm socket
-13mm socket 
-8mm flat wrench 
-15mm flat wrench 
-2 Jack Stands
- oil drain pan.
- pry bar
-Seal hammer puller (rental tool from Autozone) 
First jack the car up and put jack stands on the rear differential. 
Place the oil pan under the differential cover.

Next, remove the 10 13mm bolts holding the differential cover.
Gear oil will flow out make sure pan is under the cover.

Once removed there is an 8mm bolt holding the pin and spider gears in place. (use flat wrench) 
remove 8mm bolt and push pin out towards you. 
The spider gears will then fall out. 
If they do not fall out turn the rear wheels until you can pull them out. 
8mm bolt 

Once the pin and spider gears are removed, remove the rear wheels to expose the rotors and calipers
now remove the caliper it is held on by 2 15mm bolts 
once bolts are removed you may have to use a pry bar or screw driver to pry it off the rotor. 

Once the caliper has been removed push in on the rotor/ axle toward the center of the car until it stops. 
Now go back to the rear differential and remove the c-clip on the axle.
it should just slide right off by using your hands. 
Now pull out on the rotor/ axle until it comes completely out of the rear differential. 

It will look like this. 
To pull out the seal you can use a screw driver to pull out.
i chose to use a rental tool from Autozone called a "slide hammer puller".
with autozone's rental tool system you can return it and get your money back so it is a free rental system. 
you can use this to pull the bearing out as well I highly recommend using this tool.

Install the new bearings and seals by tapping them in with a hammer lightly until they slide in.  

Re install the axle and push it all the way in until it will not go any farther
Re install the c-clip on the axle inside the rear differential
 Pull back on the axle to lock the axle and c-clip in place
Re install the spider gears and pin back into the differential 
the spider gears must be directly across from each other so the pin will slide through. 
re install the 8mm bolt to hold the pin in place.

re install the differential cover in tighten the 13mm bolts to 20-25ft lbs of torque
I recommend replacing the differential cover gasket so no gear oil is leaks.

fill it back up with the fill hole on the drivers side near the rear drive shaft. Use a 3/8 ratchet end to loosen the plug. it looks like the following picture:
I recomend getting a oil pump in order to get the oil back into the rear differential
It takes 2 quarts of  80w 90 gear oil 
After the gear oil is filled up re install the rear brake caliper with the 2 15 mm bolts 
then re install the wheel. 

I also recommend replacing the vent on the differential if only your seal has blown. the vent could be clogged up and causing it to leak. it is located on the passenger side  differential half way between the brakes and differential case.  It looks like the following picture and it can only be found at your local ford dealership:

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 
Thank you for viewing and i hope it helps you . 

Happy Wrenching 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to remove and install a battery in a Chevy SSR 2003 2004 2005 2006

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How to remove the battery in a Chevy SSR 

You will need the fallowing tools:
  1. Ratchet
  2. 10 mm socket
  3. 13 mm socket
  4. 8 mm socket

The battery box is located on the back of the truck behind the rear differential where the spare tire is located on most other trucks. 

First, remove the 2 10 mm  bolts holding the plastic cover on the back side of the box. Once plastic cover is unbolted off pull out and down to remove cover. 

Next remove the 13 mm bolt securing the battery down. 

Next on the left and right side of the box there are 2 13 mm nuts on each side that need to be loosened (not removed) 

once all the nuts are loosened push the forward and it will drop down in the slots on the side of the box. 

Next remove the battery terminals with a 8mm socket and ratchet. 

Last slide the old battery out and the new battery is ready to be installed. 

Repeat the process in reverse in order to reinstall the new battery. 

I hope this guide helps someone in the future. 

Happy Wrenching.