Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to check / fill WV Jetta / Golf 97-00 automatic transmission fluid.

How to check transmission fluid in a VW Jetta 

You will need the following tools

17mm socket
Ramps/ Jack, jackstands
T-30 star socket
Oil pump that connects to oil jugs

First Put the car up on Ramps or jacks

Next locate the bottom of the transmission on the drivers side. A metal shield is covering the bottom of the transmission and must be removed. 

To remove the shield you must remove 4 - 17mm bolts, 2 on each side. 

With the cover removed you will see the Red cap over the fill spout. 

To remove the cap you must push in on the metal clip.

You must then remove the star t-30 bolt to the left of  the filler tube. 

Use your oil pump and fill with transmission fluid until it comes out of the star bolt hole. 

Once the oil begins coming out as shown below you will know you have the proper fluid level.

Reinstall everything as it was removed and your ready to cruse. 

I recommend only using VW Transmission Fluid only.
I picked mine up at It is not cheap but if 
you want your transmission to run as it should use OEM fluid. 

The oil pump that we used can be found at Autozone

 Thank you for checking out this blog.
I hope i have helped you today. 

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