Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to replace the alternator on a 2001-2004 Ford escape v6 the easy way

How to remove the alternator in a 2001-2004 Ford Escape the easy way. 
Tools needed
Jack Jack stands
3/8 ratchet
8mm socket
10mm socket
13mm socket
philips screw driver
Lug nut remover

First thing disconnect the battery using 8mm socket. 
Step by step on how to remove the battery

Next jack the escape up on the passenger side and place jack stand under for safety.

Remove the passenger wheel 

 Here you will find 2 10mm bolts and 1 phillips screw that must be removed to gain acess to where the alternator and pullys are

Also on the bottom of the escape near the front the plastic cover continues
 under the car it is removed with 3 10mm bolts 

 Once the plastic removed you will now see the alternator. 

Now we need  to remove the belt off the alternator
find the tensioner and use a 3/8 drive ratchet to loosen the tensioner as you remove the belt.

I was unable to get clear pictures of the alternator 
but there are 3 13mm bolts holding the alternator onto the engine.
There are also a plug and one wire bolted on by a 10mm nut.

 once all is disconnected and unplugged the fastest way to get this off is to go straight up the top. 

To make room you must unbolt the computer and and unplug it, and disconnect the following hoses

Next you must remove the oval canister below it. 
It is removed by 2 10mm bolts and there are 2 hoses that must be disconnect from it. 
Simply just pull on the hoses to disconnect them.
also unplug the 2 plugs near the hoses. 

One more plug down deep between the firewall and engine is a green plug that must be unplugged and pulled to the side. 

now you are ready to fish the alternator starit from the bottom all the way to the top between the firewall and engine. 

It is a tight fit but wiggle and move around and it will eventually make its way up. 

Easiest way i found to pull it up is pully facing up. 

once you pulled the alternator up and out you simply place the new one back down and reverse the steps above. 

Thank you and if you have any questions leave a comment below.
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  2. This post was extremely helpful i appreciate this kind of insight being that i am a
    new to this backyard mechanic thing .

  3. I need to get ahold of this access panel to replace one that the mechanics who did my alternator work lost. They said that it was never there. It had to be to protect from water and things getting into the belts and such. Can anyone help me get one or give me a part # and cost?


  4. This is the best way. Pulling the axle will still not give you enough room to get it out. Follow the instruction and you be fine.

  5. I got mine off by unplugging the wires up top and the cruise control box out .which is only 2 bolts.. 2 hours of shoving your hand in tight spots .but it got done.without all the extra work